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An organisations’ Employee Handbook is often referred to as an Employee Manual or Staff Handbook. The Employee Handbook is made up of the policies and procedures that enable an organisation to have a structured approach to managing staff, and ensures that employees are aware of the benefits, policies, and procedures applicable to their employment, how they are to be managed and what is expected from them.

An Employee Handbook is an integral part of people management within any organisation. It creates a framework to ensure that employers manage their staff in a fair, balanced, and legal way, and provides a useful source of information, accessible to all employees and managers to deal with employment issues such as grievance or disciplinary issues, use of company equipment, managing performance, capability, redundancy and restructuring.

ACAS guidelines state that companies who employs staff, whether 1 or 100,000 must have a minimum number of policies and procedures in place along with Statements of Main Terms and Conditions.  A statement of main terms and conditions of employment must by law be provided either before employment or no later than on the first day of employment.

Employers or all sizes need to have policies and procedures in place to ensure that they are treating all employees fairly and in a consistent manner reducing the risk of claims against them for unequal treatment.

Our Employee Handbooks are tailored to individual organisational needs (public and private sector employers) and contain the necessary policies and procedures to meet ACAS Guidelines.

To ensure that you stay up to date, each Employee Handbook is updated free of charge for a period of 12 months from implementation ensuring that if new employment legislation is introduced or current legislation is changed.  We will send out updates for your Employee Handbook automatically, along with any necessary template letters to enable you to introduce the changes into your organisation. Further updates can be arranged with employers as necessary.

We believe that the Employee Handbook will help both managers and staff in dealing with day-to-day issues.

Handbooks be printed by one of our suppliers if required and can be branded to meet your organisational needs.

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