Disciplinary Investigations

  • Did you know that in certain sectors, it can take as long as FIVE YEARS for a disciplinary case to be brought to a disciplinary hearing?
  • Do you know how much of an impact that one person can have on the mental health and productivity of your workforce?
  • And did you know that if a member of your workforce is suspended pending disciplinary action, they are legally entitled to FULL PAY during this time.
  • Can you afford to pay staff in their absence?
  • Can you fit a full-blown investigation around your “day job”?
  • Can you afford to have one "bad egg" causing upset and distress to your workforce and potentially making you the employer responsible for their actions as you didn't deal with it?

In certain sectors it can take as long as 5 years for a disciplinary case to be brought before a disciplinary hearing.  During this time if an employee is suspended, they are legally entitled to full pay until the issues are settled.

At Jay Webb Consultancy Services we offer a truly independent and unbiased disciplinary service, covering all aspects of the process from conducting an investigation to sitting on disciplinary panels.

The world of employment law is complex, dynamic, and fast-changing, we make it our business to keep right up to date with the law as it changes. When you are running your own business, it’s a pretty tall order to be up to the minute with such a multi-faceted subject.

From our experience it is often better to call in an outside expert with an open mind and an unbiased view. This is typically the case if those involved are very senior, or the issues under scrutiny are of a particularly sensitive nature such as discrimination or harassment.  This leaves your managers to concentrate on doing what they do best, making your business a success, instead of being side-tracked investigating personnel issues and possibly making a situation worse rather than better, as sometimes the results produced internally can been seen as biased.

A recent case we dealt with involved a person who considered themselves untouchable within the organisation and if the issue hadn't been dealt with, the company may have been liable for hundreds of thousands of pounds of compensation awarded at tribunal for not dealing with allegations of bullying and harassment by a senior manager. Our investigation has probably saved them £150,000 in legal expenses and compensation claims and removed a toxic manager from the business.

Although we provide this service for all business sectors, we are proud to offer our unrivalled expertise in the Care Sector, especially when allegations relating to the Safeguarding of Vulnerable Groups are involved.  We have vast experience of dealing with disciplinary action within the Care Sector, in particular where allegations have been made with regards to abuse of the vulnerable. We can take the stress, strain and potential impact on other members of staff away from your organisation.

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Your calm manner, unflappable approach and your undoubted knowlege and experience helped me through this time.


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