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Oaktree Mortgages Ltd

Company Background

Oaktree Mortgages, 14 Lanesborough Drive, Thurcaston, Leicester, LE7 7JT

Oaktree Mortgages is an independent mortgages and commercial loans specialist, with offices in Melton Mowbray and Lincoln, but serving clients on a nationwide scale. Its managing director is Chris Whittaker.

Chris’s Problem

Chris explained: “I had bought a new company in a different profession and along with that came several members of staff.

“For at least three months, I had been having a problem with a particular employee who had been granted a contract allowing them to work very flexible hours in the office, and then spending the rest of the week working from home.  In a customer facing environment this was causing severe service problems as well as relationship problems with other team members.

“I had been trying to solve the problem myself, but wasn’t getting very far.”

Jay’s Solution

“After a chat to Jay at one of our BNI meetings, the problem was solved.

“Jay’s advice was excellent, quick and simple. She got straight to the point and helped me to see clarity, handing me the missing piece of the jigsaw and showing me the way forward.

“Jay told me exactly how to manage the situation from an open-ended contract to getting the employee to toe the line more and increasing the time spent in the office.

“Jay really knows her stuff. I would recommend her to anyone.”

Chris Whittaker

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13 Dunholme Avenue
LE11 4SG
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Your work ensures that staff become prized assets, working together for a commond good


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