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Please accept this as one way of saying a great big thank you for the enormous help and advice you have provided me with during one of the most stressful times in my life.  Your calm manner, unflappable approach and your undoubted knowledge and experience helped me through this time.

About a year ago 3 of my staff started to pick fault in everything I tried to do in my business.  They challenged the amount of holiday they were entitled to, how it was calculated, the amount of sick pay provided by the business.  You name it they had a go at it and generally made everyone's life a misery, especially mine as the man in charge.

This came to a head at the end of August 2013 when 2 of the 3 resigned on the same day.  One by giving a month's notice and one with immediate effect claiming that I have breached her employment rights and constructively dismissed her.  All this 9 days before I was to fly away on a family holiday.

It soon became very clear that both had resigned on the same day as they had registered a rival estate agent business 6 weeks earlier and in my opinion they had been plotting and scheming to manufacture enough evidence to launch a tribunal claim over the preceding year.

My holiday was cancelled and Jay provided great advice on how to deal with the situation fairly and legally whilst not adding fuel to the fire they were building.  She recommended an excellent specialist employment solicitor and the fight to clear my name and avoid tribunal damages was on.  At the outset I was advised that it was highly unlikely that any tribunal judge would award me costs even if I won the case.

After a stressful few months the outcome was that not only did we win as the other party dropped their case at the last minute but we also managed to get a not inconsiderable sum of costs from the other party.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  The result was down to you.  The contracts you drew up initially for me, the letters you helped me write in response to allegations, the procedures you had me follow and the legal eagle you recommended all contributed to a successful outcome.  Most of all the support and advice you gave was a real calming influence and a safe haven in a hail of troubles.


Chris Whittaker

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Your calm manner, unflappable approach and your undoubted knowlege and experience helped me through this time.


Chris Whittaker
Anthony Hancock Estate Agents

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