Grievance handling

You wouldn’t do this at home….so why do it at work?

  • Have you ever been faced with a staff complaint that left you feeling out of your depth?
  • Have you ever swept a staff issue under the carpet in the hope that it will just go away only to find it festers?
  • Has an employee ever lodged a grievance to prevent you from managing them properly or undertaking disciplinary action?
  • Has an employee raised as grievance as part of leaving the organisation in an attempt to gain additional money from their employer?
  • Do your grievance policies reflect current thinking on conflict resolution?

Workplace grievances can have a hugely detrimental impact on your business if not dealt with correctly. There are potential legal implications, as well as the impact on staff morale and productivity which can rapidly decline if the grievance is of a serious or sensitive nature.

At Jay Webb Consultancy Services our professional grievance investigation specialists are vastly experienced in both investigating workplace grievances and writing independent reports that may be used as evidence in an employment tribunal.

Complaints and grievances can be something very trivial such as an uncomfortable seat or computer position to more complex issues such as bullying, harassment or discrimination. Many complaints can be resolved very easily, but sometimes things reach a stage where an independent person dealing with the situation is what is needed.

Our professional Grievance Investigators are trained to deal with grievances and complaints in diverse working environments and get results.

At Jay Webb Consultancy Services we have expertise in the Care Sector for both Adult and Children’s services investigations in line the Safeguarding of Vulnerable Groups Act (SVGA 2006) legislation, meaning grievances of a serious or sensitive nature can be dealt with effectively, even in environments where the most vulnerable of people are cared for.

Our Independent workplace grievance investigation service can be combined with our Workplace Mediation service or Grievance Handling Training to help you not just investigate, but resolving staff grievances, and train your managers on how to recognise and handle grievances and complaints in-house.

We have added a Grievance Handling Case Study to give you an idea of a grievance case.

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