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  • Have you ever needed to ask advice on a HR matter?
  • Ever been in a position where you are not sure how to deal with an issue with a member of staff?

  • Ever wished that you could have HR guidance available without costly consultancy?

Well our Managers Guidelines on HR Manual is exactly what you’re looking for.

The Managers Guidelines on HR Manual comes with everything you need to deal with employing people.  It covers all aspects of people management, from recruitment and making sure you select the right candidate for the position, right the way through to retirement and all aspects in-between.

The Managers Guidelines on HR Manual is a comprehensive guide which gives business owners, managers and HR Department staff the right tools to deal with employment issues.  Each area of employment is broken down into easy to understand and follow sections.  It explains the reasons why issues are dealt with in a certain way, the risks associated with getting things wrong, and clear instructions of how to deal with staff in a fair, balanced and legal manner.

There is over 30 years of people management experience within the Managers Guidelines for HR Manual gained in both the public and private sector, in unionised and non-unionised organisations, so you can be sure that the information you receive, and the guidelines for dealing with issues will work for you.

The Managers Guidelines on HR Manual contains all of the standard forms, letters, flow charts and details of when and how to use each of them involved in managing people.  Some examples of the contents are:

Sample Managers Guidelines on HR Manual Sample Content


  • How to write a job description
  • Job Application Form
  • Selection for Interview Form
  • Ethnic Monitoring Form

Disciplinary Handling:

  • What constitutes a disciplinary
  • How to investigate a disciplinary
  • How disciplinary meetings should be run

Grievance Handling:

  • What constitutes a grievance
  • Grievance resolution procedure
  • How grievance hearings should be run

The above lists are shortened versions of the actual content of the Managers Guidelines on HR Manual for demonstration purposes.

What’s more, if you purchase the Managers Guidelines on HR Manual we will provide free updates for a period of 3 years from purchase, so should legislation change, we will update each manual to reflect the new legal requirements.

The Managers Guidelines on HR Manual is delivered in searchable PDF format, and Microsoft Word.  Updates will be delivered in both forms.

Printed copies are also available should they be required, and can be branded to meet your organisational needs.

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