This case study is based on real life events and on the actual approach taken by Jay Webb as the appointed, independent HR professional. Names have been changed for confidentiality reasons.

Key Players

Mary – employee

Peter – employee

Steve – manager of Mary and Peter

The Allegation

For several months, Mary and Peter have not been getting on very well and this has been causing a disruption in their working environment.

Their manager, Steve, has not really dealt with the problem between them and this has caused stress among the wider team. The team puts in a complaint about the manager’s failure to deal with the matter and the stress that this is causing in the team.

There is a high turnover in the team because of the problems. One particular employee is claiming that her failure to obtain promotion may be related to the fact that she is black.

An investigation shows that there are issues within the team which could be resolved through a mediation process.

An independent manager within the company is appointed to deal with the issues and meets with the employees concerned and gives them an opportunity to have the issues dealt with through an independent mediator. On reflection, the employees decide to go ahead with the mediation service.


  • The manager has been complained about
  • Two members of staff are not getting on
  • Their manager has done nothing to resolve the issue and its affect on the wider team
  • Another member of the team thinks she is being discriminated against on the grounds of race

Bearing all this in mind, the manager decides to call in an independent mediator with his boss’s agreement.

Investigation by Jay Webb

Step One – The mediator meets individually with all concerned parties to establish all issues.

Step Two – The mediator then got everyone together in a joint session to resolve the problem with input from all. This was done with everybody’s agreement.

Step Three – The mediator issued a report, including exact wording of the ensuing agreement reached by all

Step Four –  All of the employees experienced a positive outcome

OUTCOME: The case was resolved quickly.

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